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The Power of Clear Communication

Let’s talk about the importance of communicating effectively to clients, potential clients, and your overall target audience.

What does effective communication look like in advertising and beyond? If we assume the 80/20 rule is true – then 80% of people read headlines, while only 20% read body copy (the bulk of the writing).

If you have a concept or service, how do you explain it successfully?


Speak in layman’s terms

Use verbiage that anyone can understand, and break information down into easy-to-comprehend segments.

For example, if you offer a technically-driven service or product, your audience may be decision-makers who don’t implement the technology themselves but have employees who do that for them. Present info in an easy-to-understand way:

  • No technical terms or jargon that are too complicated

  • List universal benefits such as saved money and time


Keep it short, concise, and clear

The attention span of the average consumer is eight seconds - so you only have eight seconds to make your content count. Make the main points stand out so they can be ingested at a glance. A larger font or bolded text can help draw the eye to these statements.

Quickly get to the point and consider who you’re speaking to. What’s most important to them and what can you eliminate? Always read through your writing after each draft and remove excessive words.


Tell a story

Break information down into chunks and use the most logical sequence. What should come first?

Start with an initial statement, one that serves as a synopsis. Next, allow the reader opportunities to learn more without bogging them down with information.

What section should come next? Think about presenting your information in an order that tells the appropriate narrative and makes it easy to understand.

If people aren’t sure what your organization or company does even though they’ve visited your site, you have a problem.


Use data

Data acts as persuasive evidence. Several bold statistics can be powerful – not an overload of data, but stats that will grab the reader’s attention.

State a shocking figure that your service can help with it. Another data option is to explain what your service has done for other people. Conduct market research or collect results-driven numbers to present.


Evoke emotion or a sense of urgency

Think about your target audience and what could make them react. What are statements that would make a reader think, “My company needs this.”?

Customer testimonials can help. For example, if you market vacation rentals, an engaging testimonial about a family making lasting memories could influence other families who want to do the same.

Would you like to learn more or need help with your company’s communication? Feel free to reach out to Norris Design. We specialize in branding and communication.

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